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Our programs align with our core initiatives: Financial Education, Voter Registration, LGBTQ+ Mentoring, STEM Education, and Community Drives.  We believe that the reinforcement of these core initiatives will positively affect our most marginalized individuals transforming our communities in a good way, inspiring change and hope.

Community Drives

Teaming up with the World Up Foundation and local Churches we have given Socks, Gloves and Toiletries to various RVA Communities. 

Know Your Rights Panel Series

The goal of this panel series is to better understand the rights we as civilians have when dealing with the Police. All information received from this panel is recorded and updated on an infographic that is meant to be used as a tool of knowledge when needed. 

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Black Slash Game Developers (upcoming)

Black Slash Game Developers is a black owned game development team offering internship positions for prospective developers. The projects will vary based on the current sprints and the internships are typically 3-4 months, non paid. 

If you are interested in a internship with Black Slash Game Developers , please contact us and we will send more information closer to the launch of this internship.

Image by Stavrialena Gontzou

This is a professional mentorship program aimed to provide members of the LGBTQ Community with a safe space to work on honing their skills and gaining insight based on the career path of their choice.

The mentees can range from novice to professional skill level so you don't have to currently work in the professional field you want to be mentored in.

Our mentorship program will last about 8 weeks, through this program you will not only gain knowledge but also professional connections with subject matter experts in various industries.  

R.I.S.E LGBTQ+ Mentorship Program

Scratch: Programming 101 | Education

STEM is a fast growing field and the job opportunities are growing each and every day. It is important for students to be exposed to STEM at a young age, this expands their minds and possibilities. These possibilities directly correlate with personal, educational and future career goals for the student. Some students are not as exposed to interactive and immersive STEM education due to their school district not having enough funding or personal funding. This also correlates with the age they are exposed to STEM education. Our goal with this program is to offer a computer coding course free of charge to school districts & youth that wish to learn. In the course we go over basic principles in coding while also utilizing the engineering design process to create interactive art such as Games, Stories and Illustrations in a program called Scratch. Scratch is a free, open source program developed by MIT that introduce concepts of coding in a fun and interactive way. Our current school partnership are with Martin Luther King Jr Middle School and Henderson Middle School.

If you are a part of a school  that would be interested in our program or you would like to volunteer to teach, please contact us and we will get back with you as soon as we can! 


Voter Registration & Rights Renewal | Voter Justice

We at Patchwork RVA want to ensure that everyone has the power to exercise their right to vote. That's why we have voter registration forms at each event we attend. We also can help you update your information or check the status of your voter registration. 

If your right to vote was revoked due to past criminal history, please stop by and talk with us about the process of getting your rights restored! 

***Patchwork RVA is a non political organization, we will help anyone, no matter their political affiliation.***


Juneteenth Celebration  | Community Unity

We honor and celebrate the Juneteenth holiday. Our first celebration was at the Marcus David Peters Circle Summer of 2020.

Each year we will celebrate Juneteenth. Be sure to follow our social media to hear about our next Juneteenth Celebration!

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